Tuesday, February 26, 2008

First kiss vs. first car

According to this survey (a lot of those recently here, I wonder why), more men better remember their first car than their first kiss. Madelyn gives her, slightly uncharacteristic and unexpected explanation.
By: Madelyn

I know you're eagerly awaiting my men-suck-big-time rant.
Well, sorry folks, it ain't coming.
This survey sucks big time. Men do to, but now let's focus on this piece of news.

... the majority of Britons remember their first car more readily than their first kiss...

More readily? Is that a word in England, or what?
Did the survey people ask: What do you more readily remember? From when - yesterday, last year, my youth?
Where did they learn their statistic methodology, in southern Italy?
Even if we ignore this ''little'' problem, others arise in its place.

First of all, I guess a lot of people got their first kiss before their driver license. I may be wrong here, but over there you have to be at least 18 to take the family machine for a joy ride. Believe me, by then kids get a lot more than a kiss.

Second, I'm pretty sure their firs car lasted a bit longer then their first kiss, unless they were bad drivers or really horny. Hey, I'm no scientist, but something tells me that longer experiences make stronger memories.

And, finally, how many guys from this survey still drive their first car?
Q: Do you remember your firs car?
A: Kind of... it's parked right outside.

True, men are insensitive pigs, but this survey doesn't prove anything. It would be like asking an Iraq veteran:

What do you remember more readily: you're first kiss, or the day you got shot in Baghdad?


xDashofPanachex said...

so effing true. A much better question would've been "which do you remember better: your first girlfriend or your first car?" Even then, car probably lasted longer.

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Corine said...

Great work.

pinoy said...

men will remember their first car more than their first kiss