Friday, August 17, 2007

You can tell it's Chin... Thaila... Mattel?

Read a two-for-one comment on recent recall of millions of Mattel toys as different parts of Paul / Michael psyche have a not-so-constructive debate.
By: Paul / Michael

Here's a stupid decision. Recall 9 million valuable products because of a few drops of lead paint. Now, every parent will make their kid lick new toys so they could sue someone if something like this happens again.

It's not just about the paint. Toy trains had small but powerful magnets that can fall out. What if some child had swalloved one?

So what? It would only make them look cool in school. They could do magic tricks with their newly magnetic belly.

It can kill them.

Oh, come on. We ate some magnets when we were young, right?

No, we newer did.

OK, maybe not exactly magnets, but we definitely ate or inhaled some stupid things. And what is wrong with us, eh?

We have a very severe mental illness. Right now, you and me are talking to no one and writing it down. Enough?

And that's because we inhaled GI Joe's miniature plastic helmet 20+ years ago?

It was his gun. But that's besides the point; we can't take any risk when there are helpless children involved.

Oh, so it's about the helpless children, is it? Well, where are those toys coming from?


Right. And who is making them - little, penniless Chinese children. Those toy factories are their only livelyhood, and the recall is going to close most of them down. Not only that, the Government is probably going to execute the upper management for failing the economy. In a few days, little Huan Che will come home and ask: ''Mommy, where is daddy? Is he still in the office? ''. His mother will answer in tears: ''No, honey, we are going to get him. Give mommy the wallet, we have to pay the bill for one AK-47 round.''
Of course, no one will kill hundreds of 11-year-old workers - they are going to die of hunger on the streets.

Hey man, it's our kids or theirs. That's what happens when you make lousy goods.

We made Windows Vista.

Oh right... Damn...


0rion said...

Haha, nice bit of back and forth dialogue. I needed a good laugh, thanks! =D

Anonymous said...

Well I guess those helpless Chinese children have learned not to try and poison America's children with their dumb lead paint tricks.

Mike said...

While there are definitely issues with Chinese manufacturing, the real blame for the toy recalls lies with Mattel. Anyone and everyone who actually works in the toy industry knows this.

I've written about it here: