Wednesday, October 17, 2007

It's a lull!

There appears that Mag13 entered some kind of weird creative lull.

I haven't received a single new article on any subject for some time, and now our page is looking like picture of Britney Spears vagina - like very old news. I know a lot of you people, our faithful audience, are getting worried about the state of things in the Mag13-land, but have no fear; our article-makers are working hard, only not with their hands but with their brains!

While in bed, watching TV.

Now, I have to write about something. That way I can throw sand in your eyes, and misleading you about our collective laziness.

So... umm... let's see... Bush, no... IPhone, no, no... Iranian nuclear crisis... I got it!

Say, what about those new pictures of Britney Spears crotch? Ain't they just swell?

She look a little more appealing that the last time, now that she has all that alcohol and drugs in her system that keep her slim. I guess those photos are going to get a lot more masturbation attention that the last ones. You know, the ones that showed surgery scars and strange hygiene standards.
Anyway, we are all glad that she has bounced back. We are even happier about the fact that in few years everyone, including us, will have a chance to have unprotected sex with her in some public bathroom for 5$.

Yes, that's that...

Have to fill more space; thing damn it, think! Funny stories, funny stories...
Hey, what about Bush and his...

Ah, just forget it!

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