Saturday, October 6, 2007

I'm afraid you'll have to stay a bit longer...

Paul/Michael writes a reaction on the thing everyone despises - having to stay longer in the office. Not me, although - I work at home - hooray for me! But I guess you drones can relate, so here is the article.
By: Paul/Michael

It was a great workday.
My boss told me to make some sticker designs for an upcoming promotion. I use CorelDraw, so I decided to play around with it and experiment. When I was done, I showed it to the Man and he was pleased.

But, I also had to insert the data, a task fit for someone with less skill, but I was cool with it. There was a lot of hassle and bustle about the event, so I took one for the team. That part was incredibly boring, because the stickers were labels for some Motherboards my company was selling and presenting - they all had stupid tech names like A690 TP, P7020 PT and shit like that, and it was really hard to stayed focused. I think they decided not to use anything even remotely resembling a real name! Why the hell don't they just name them Phil or Moon station or Sandy - I hope they name their kids M30DA-7A Deluxe.

That inserting task took me only 2 hours of pure fun-fun-fun! By that time, my shift was almost over. I told my boss that I had done everything and I was just about to leave when he asked me if I had printed them out.

In that moment, I was starting to get pissed off.

I told him someone should re-check the specifications I put in, because I was sure I made some errors.

So I had to wait while some guy from accounting did that. He took his sweet time and I thought that I could kill someone right...

I'm going to take it from here. Hi, I'm Michael; you know - Paul's other self. He really got upset about that whole deal with the stickers, so I had to act up on all that built up aggression and hatred.

First, we pissed in the office coffee pot, but just a little, so no one would notice and could drink it up with pleasure. Then we downloaded some job applications from our rivals to my bosses' computer and left an anonymous message to our CEO about his double-crossing intentions.

Finally, we took the big company banner that was intended for the promotion and wrote ''We do it with pigs and chickens, friends!'' on it.

Now, I don't seem to have a problem with staying late any more. Of course, on those days, I drink tea.

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