Sunday, January 6, 2008

Kenya or can't ya

Does anybody get the situation in Kenya? I sure don't. But Snake pretends he does.
By: Snake

Personally, I never dug any ''job opportunities'' in sub-Saharan Africa. There was a bunch in the last few years - Sierra Leone, DR Congo, Ivory Coast. They all had their perks, and the money was pretty good. But, I don't know, I always had this thing about that part of the world.
What, you ask?

Well, I sort of think that those counties are in a state of suspended chaos and anarchy.

This is the reason why the shit hit the fan in Kenya. It's not about elections, come on, people!
This is tribal warfare, 2000 B.C. style. The election crisis only offered the opportunity for all those ''concerned citizens'' to pick up bows, arrows and machetes.
If this is really about some election issues, those guys have a funny way of expressing their concern about the democratic process. When a mob burnt down a church with 30 people inside, where they actually saying:
''We believe that independent monitoring organizations from the UN or EU should attend our Presidential elections''.

No, this is a classic example how an artificially constructed nation state splits on the real divisions lines, which are, in this case, tribal.
Of course, if you are a westerner, you don't have any idea about all those different, warring tribes that where bundled up in counties that some sweaty British, Dutch or French governor drew up in his cabinet 150 years ago.

So we watch in dismay, appalled how a local ''example of stability'' can so quickly descend into shear homicidal/pyromaniac chaos.

Well, guess what? Looks like it really wasn't all that stable after all.


Diesel said...

I resent the implication that the Dutch are sweaty.

Qelqoth said...

I'm British and I also resent the sweaty implication.

My ancestors, who started this chaos, may have leaked from their armpits without any shred of concern for those around them.

But I use Right Guard and by I'll have you know that I'm bloody well proud of it too.

The French stink though. No doubt about that.

Main Editor said...

Warning: the ''sweaty statements'' weren't fully thought through, and we apologize if someone's national pride got bruised.