Saturday, January 12, 2008

Mission Man Band

I just love to watch the reality show ''Mission Man Band''. Madelyn too, but she explains how this idea should spread.
By: Madelyn

The plot in one sentence: 4 guys from some lame 90's boy bands get another chance.

Why just them! I want a second chance too! Please, VH1, call me! Save me!

Mission Happy woman with no kids & fat husband.
Mission Woman Pilot, or Doctor or anything.
Mission Woman escapes from suburban nightmare before she kills her neighbors''

Let's face it: everybody deserves a second chance.
Even if a TV crew has to follow you even to the toilet, and your drunken shenanigans become laughing material for the next 5 years.

But, please, give us a chance to try it all over. The firs run weren't golden. In fact, it sucked big time. And I don't want to control the damage; I don't want to live with my mistakes. I want to press the restart button, so I can do it right, or at least less wrong this time.

So, people, write to VH1. Ask them to save you from your miserable life.
I will.

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Diesel said...

Dear VH1,

I regret watching several hundred hours of reality television over the past few years....