Thursday, January 3, 2008

Torture trill ride

Are you also tired by those same old boring roller coaster rides? Paul/Michael found out a new kind of trilling ride in the most unlikely place - China.
By: Paul/Michael

Picture this: you're riding on a regular roller coaster. You climb the highest point,
the cart flips down for 180 degrees, and you're staring down, thinking to yourself: ''DEAR GOD, I'M GOING TO DIE!''

Right then, in that moment, nothing happens. You just hang there, alongside your fellow trill seekers, feet pointing toward the sky.
This will last for 30 minutes, and this is the brand new thing in Wuhu Fangte Amusement Park in China.

All I can say is: this... is... brilliant.

Before this, the main point of these trill ride was the overwhelming fear of a quick-car-accident style death.
But this one is tapping in that primal fear of a slow, excruciating death by torture.
The hanging of people by their feet is an ancient and well-loved execution method all over the world, still practiced in Afghanistan and other regions struggling to become free and democratic. In principle, this is the same thing. And who else would dare to introduce this brilliant feature, but the world's master torturers - the Chinese!

Plus, when you finally come down, you'll be dizzy and disoriented for several hours - the ride will go on even when you come home. Talk about beating the competition!

Chinese torture ride - very visionary, very bold.

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