Friday, February 22, 2008

Most boring movie of all time

Silentnight, bed manufacturer from the UK, finance a survey to find out the most boring movie ever. Grandpa Milo comments on the results.
By: Grandpa Milo

I don't want go through the whole deal, so I'll just do the top 3.

No. 3. - ''Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind'' - 14%
OK, no arguments here. Although the movie has some interesting ideas, it all comes down on the same old ''Being John Malkovich'' routine - been there, done that. Also, Jim Carry again tries to prove he's more than that funny guy, but he's obviously doesn't get that we got it after ''The Truman Show''.

No. 2. - ''Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace'' - 18%
This is spot on. Lucas made a grievous error when he decided to make this piece of crap.
Not only is it boring, it's borderline retarded; he even managed to let down all those fan boys, which is a great accomplishment on its own.
The Force is in fact, produced by a bacteria found human blood! Good God, did that movie even had a script?

No. 1. - ''Lost in Translation'' - 23%
Now wait just a god damn second! This movie is beautifully shot, and has a deep and compelling storyline. Maybe it doesn't have Bruce Willis taking down helicopters with cars, but to call it boring is very... what's the word... oh, yes, stupid. To everyone who thinks this brilliant work of art is boring, I'm suggesting you concentrate on Adam Sandler movies. Boy, those pictures sure are exciting!
Although, I must admit: I may be partial to the young-sexy-girl-older-man plot.
After all, one can dream...

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