Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Spielberg in Darfur snub to China

Paul/Michael wrote an article after being inspired by a badly crafted news title.
By: Paul/Michael

I was scrolling through BBC World headline when I found this one.
I know the meaning of individual words, but the complete sentence caught my eye like some kind of eyehook, based on top NASA eye-hooking technology.

Spielberg in Darfur snub to China

What does that even mean?
Naturally, I didn't read the article in question, and instead sought out to answer this mystery using only logic and paint thinner.

Is it Steven Spielberg, the acclaimed director of grate films like ''Ben-Hur'' and ''Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country''?
Of course, who else!
What is he doing in Darfur?
Did he join the Janjaweed militia?
After all, they are similar to sand people that attack Luke Skywalker in the beginning of his movie ''Star Wars: something, something'' (you know, the good one). Maybe he is exploring the possibility of a spin-off show, but more in the new, hip Reality TV format. Something like ''Live like those sand-warriors from that movie with James Earl Jones voice-over you really like''.
Except the genocide and stuff, it's could be just like ''Survivor''.

But China? And snub?

There weren't any Chinese people in his movies (I'm not counting ''Into the Dragon's nest'').
Does that make Spielberg a racist? I'm not sure... very likely.
But then China should snub him, not the other way around. Maybe he plans to weaker the incoming racist accusations by snubbing them first, so he could claim it's just a lover's quarrel between him and that country.
He is surprising cunning.

But, how does Darfur fit in this strange man-region in Africa-Asian Superpower triangle?
I don't know, I just don't know.
Although I have a strange feeling it involves the secret decedents of Christ, Roswell crash and the Coca-Cola Company.

Help me out - do you have any ideas?

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