Saturday, May 26, 2007

20 days and counting

Boy oh boy, it's almost 3 weeks since we started publishing.

No replies so far, and the page view statistics aren't that encouraging, but, as Inuit tribesmen say, every journey starts whit the first soft crack of the whip. We are still hopeful our blog is slowly building its small audience. If not, we can always act in the great tradition of unpopular writers and commit a spectacular mass suicide. Nothing like some bloodshed and self-induced carnage to rise a few eyebrows, right?

Just kidding, folks! And in any case, I bet that the majority of Mag13 authors are leaning more towards homicide than auto-destruction.

Magazine13, a brand new worldview - currently in its third week and going strong.
Everybody at Magazine13 is really excited about that, and new, thrilling articles are coming your way very soon.

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