Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Going Crazy Galapagos stile

Learn who is dead and talking on this occasion:
by Clairvoyant Lena:

It's that time again.
Contacting - celebrities - from - beyond the grave - time, that is.
So, without further a do, let's see who is going to be our special soul from the afterlife.
First, I need a little time to focus. You've watched "Charmed", so you know the drill.
Mmmmm.... I can feel something... no, that's just stupid WiFi....

Must... go... deeper...

I got it! Oh spirit, introduce yourself!
Hello! Anybody?
Who's there?


And you are...

Charles Darwin.

Holy shit. You invented gravity!

No, that was Newton. I conceived the theory of evolution through natural selection.

Shut up! That was you? Well, I guess evolution is big too. Not as big as gravity, though... So, you started all that ''God doesn't exist'' thing?

Honestly, I had no idea my book would start all that commotion. After all, I just wanted a trip to a beautiful island. My first title for the book was ''Going Crazy Galapagos stile" but the publisher was against it. I still think it sounded better than "The Origin of Species".

Did you know that a lot of people still don't believe in your theory? And I don't mean 6pack Joe's. Some of the really educated folks think that there has to be an ''intelligent design'' behind all of creation. Because, if you look at it, how does a termite know how to build a 2-meter structure complete whit storage rooms, nurseries and air vents?

Oh yes, of course God taught every creature what they had to do to survive before they began their lives. I totally agree whit their theories.


No, I was sarcastic. I think they are just a bunch of lonely people in need of a belief that could explain this cold, strange world. Even if it stands on arguments that could have come from a 6 year-old-child.

I guess then, you didn't actually want to name your book ''Going Crazy Galapagos stile" either?

Nope, that was sarcasm too. You could say I'm a sarcastic kind of guy. But that's not that strange considering I empirically killed of a lot of monotheistic core beliefs.

Yeah, you kind of fucked it up for a lot of believers by taking all the magic stuff and leaving coincidental mutation in its place.

Nope, I don't think so. They can always call me stupid, and say that earth is 4000 years old, and Adam and Eve played hide and seek whit a T-Rex.

Man, Charley, you're one bitter dead fellow. Were the journeys, seasickness, sleeping in tents, and opposition on every step of the way really worth it?

I don't know anymore. Al least, I gave some people another figure to hate. And that's always a comforting fact.

You just don't give up. Get your sarcastic dead ass out of my head, we're done.

... Zoning out from the after life...

Well, that's it from Charles Darwin.
Sarcastic or not, I think that ''Going Crazy Galapagos stile" is a kick ass title...

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